The ability to purchase a vehicle online...

Victoria Dillabough

Does anyone have the FULL capabilities to do online vehicle purchasing live online? 

Martins Ville

Carvana is losing $2500 a copy selling online directly and is $600 million in debt. Not sure that's the model, or road I'd want to drive down and emulate. It's a great concept in theory.

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

Are you asking for some references because you are considering a DR solution?

Bart Wilson

Looking forward to seeing you at DSES, Victoria.  Jared is going to present the results of a research project we conducted on what consumers want and how dealerships should cater to them.  I would definitely recommend analyzing your current processes and how DR fits into them.

Mark Rask

we are getting there 

Amanda Hanson

@bart cool, how about for those of us not going? haha

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