The Birth of Confrontation, the Parent of Distrust

Kevin Bookbinder
Customer: “No I’m not interested in buying today, I just want your best price” Seller: “__________________________________________________________” fill in the blank Every dealership has this problem; how many times has this conversation ended with us forced to write “N/C” with a Sharpie or Whiteboard marker? Could this daily exchange be the origin of our reputation of being only slightly more desirable to do business with than a dentist?
Kevin Bookbinder
I could fill in the blank but I would have to "blankety blank" (censor) my gut response. What is the right response?
Tim Nester
Kevin- this is probably the biggest challange to overcome for most salespeople. Not just because we need to sell that car right now but salespeople are avoiding the stack of excuses they are going to have to provide to the sales manager. In my opinion, a good response (objection handling method) is --" I agree Mr/Mrs customer, before you leave here today I want you to have my best price. It is very important to me that you are looking at the right vehicle and that you are getting the best price. Now, other than price is there anything else that would keep you from purchasing this vehicle now or in the future?" this will keep the conversation on a neutral ground and take the pressure away.
Kevin Bookbinder
Tim, I agree that it is a major challenge for the salesperson; Around here it is common knowledge that 90% of no closes never come back. What I don't know is if the 90% rule is a local SF Bay Area (import& high-line) phenomenon or a typical belief nationwide across all brands. In your experience what percentage of your no close customers ultimately return? I think you've got it; the key here (as I see it) is to keep it neutral at worst and make it a positive at best. More often than not I think we as a whole make it somewhat negative; if for no other reason than we momentarily display disappointment when we realize that we don't have any shot at making a deal! From the customers perspective; Seeing some random car salesman's facial muscles constrict to express disappointment may not be as bad as seeing it from a parent or child but sucks none the less. Your thoughts?
Tim Nester
Kevin- I belive in the greater philadelphia area it is the same mentallity and perception that you have a 80 to 90% chance of never seeing that opportunity again. I hate to sound like typical sales trainer jargon, but your are correct in saying it is the overall interpretation from the consumer that we are not interested in cultivating the sale. It all comes down to how you leave the visit. Also, how and when you start your follow up. I have always been more interested in the relationship over the spot deal.
Casimiro (Casey) Garza
Try to stay as positive as possible, and watch your facial expressions....."Great no problem, I will be glad to get that for you".....NOW comes the really confrontation...."DESK: ah "caca" can't you get me someone that wants to buy a car!"..."do I have to go out there and close this guy, how long you been selling cars?".........Kevin's points above are right on the "nail"...try hard to cultivate a customer like this and the hell with the can't get a committment without writing it the least you are there and might still have a chance even with the "true" confrontation with the "Desk"!!!

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