The Dumbest Dealer/GM Quotes Ever RE Inernet Marketing

Paul Rushing
I talk to ISM's and GM's almost daily not to mention I too have worked for the old school in the past. Here are some of the Dumbest things I have heard dictated from upper management in regards to Internet marketing. - Get the prices off the used cars, the used car manager says it is costing us money. - People are not going to buy a car site unseen over the phone and email. - No we can't hold a car with a credit card deposit for 24 hours. (on a program car/rental purchase piece over 120 days) - Oh they are 350 miles away and you really expect them to be here this morning to buy that 100K mile Oddessy van as they were pulling into the dealership at 9:30 am on a Saturday after driving all nite. Please add yours ......
Larry Schlagheck
"I have to run that full-page newspaper ad every week. Who knows what would happen if I didn't!"
Edward Shaffer
"I've got 25 years of experience...if it ain't broke...don't fix it!"
Paul Rushing
edward said "I've got 25 years of experience...if it ain't broke...don't fix it!" Priceless. Now they scrambling to fix it in it's last hour!!
Patrick Martin
Old School GM says "An internet department is a giveaway department" Following year Dealer Principal asks Old School GM why Internet Department has a higher average gross than the floor.

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