The End of the Month is Here - Did You Prepare!

Richard Edling
All to often dealerships go into panic mode the last few days of the month to sell more cars and their objectives, but I ask; what did you expect? Think about it, you might get lucky and sell a few more cars than normal towards the end of the month, after all we have conditioned people to think they get a better deal at that time and we spend more on advertising. But Why... Why didn't we prepare all month long? Why didn't we treat every lead as valuable? Why didn't we monitor our appointments? Why didn't we push emails to those shopper who have not purchased yet? (with why buy messaging and incentives) Why didn't we hold our staff accountable evey day of the month? Why, Why, Why - only you know the answer but hopefully this will make you think and gear up for next month and every month thereafter. Creata a plan, work the plan! You will succeed!
Grant Gooley
"Would if I could, and I should, but I won't!" Right? lol All relevant questions here Richard! It seems to be the nature of the beast. At least from what I've seen in my 10 years in Automotive. I believe it's psychological. I'd say if you asked 10 people if they procrastinate, 7 of them would say "yes". Also, due to the compensation arrangements in the auto industry, the month end "push" happens naturally.
Mark Miller
I think Grant hit the nail on the head. Human nature leans toward procrastination. You think on the first of the month that you have all month to sell, so there is no urgency. Having come from a fixed ops background, I always looked at each day as a building block for the entire month and knew that a bad day could be overcome, but it made for a less stable block to build on.
Megan Barto
We do! Here's a blog I wrote over 2 years ago! :-)
Corey "The Mailman" Lassiter
I find that most of my clients schedule direct mail drops and/or Staffed Events for the end of the month to hit those numbers expected of them...Some do it with me every month...

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