The "New Way" people are Buying Cars

David Tokarsky
The good ole' days of people going to 5 or 6 dealerships before they buy a car may be over. The "New Way" of people going on the internet and basically knowing how much they should be paying for a car before they arrive at your dealership drives the selling price down..... So the million dollar question: How do you grow margins in such a competitive marketplace?
Michael Crain
I would ask them if the read the disclaimer at the bottom. Here is an example that I took off a site:, Your actual savings may vary based on multiple factors including the vehicle you select, region, dealer, and applicable vehicle specific manufacturer incentives which are subject to change but an example of what you can reasonably expect to pay for a vehicle with your preferred options.
Ed Brooks
Dale Pollak recently held a webinar showcasing a case study on how one dealer confronted the exact same issue; "Conquest Case Study: How Performance Toyota Increased New Vehicle Gross Profits and Sales". The upshot was, this dealer was able to increase volume 25% while simultaneously increasing gross 27%. Pretty impressive.
H Gregory Gershman
Internet shopping is no longer the new way. The same principals that held true when shoppers were driving to multiple stores, are in play with potential clients clicking to multiple stores. The same issues are driving the clients. 1) Dealerships are presenting a united front to withhold information in an attempt to negotiate with an uninformed potential customer. 2) The sales process in many dealerships is designed to suit the dealership and staff, and not the client. Spending considerable time on pushing for immediate purchase in lieu of creating an easy and informative customer experience. If you want to raise your profit and lead to sale percentage do two simple things. 1) Give information as requested in a straightforward and honest method. Have a policy of saying yes to your inbound leads. 2) Change the focus of your sales process and the type of information you are giving to inbound leads. In your communication with clients explain a part of the in-showrooom process that is consumer friendly and informative. Maybe a short paragraph about the interview process and how we take the time to know our customers, not just shove them in a sale car that benefits us. Use this as the motivation for a customer to come in, show them that the experience is actually positive.
David Tokarsky
Great information everyone, thank you!!!
Jonathan Dawson
@Gregory Profoundly simple and true. @Ed Great resource! thanks

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