The no pressure technique

Jamil The Carman
I have been short on salespeople for the past month and this weekend I went to the floor to help the sales managers and salespeople since we had very good foot traffic .I have got to deal with three customers who I approached and asked them if I can help them find the car they are looking for ,their answer was generic "we are just looking" I backed up and watched them looking at few cars I went ahead grabbed the keys and handed it to them andI told them take your time no pressure just let me know if you wish to take any for a test drive.They were a little surprised because I think they were a little bit cautious about the typical salesman pushy approach .20 minutes later they got back to me asking if they can test drive one of the cars .I got into the car with them and didn't say a word about the car I just started talking about the weather and other stuff .We got back from the test drive and when we stepped out I was asked "do you know what the payment would be on it " I was like I can tell you in Just 5 minutes let me have my finance manager run the numbers for you and will go from there ,would you guys care from some coffee water .. boom one minute later they are in the finance office DONE! SOLD 30 minute deal . 3 deals the same way ! I believe customers are way more educated about the product than the old days .A customer who walks into your lot he isn't here for nothing ,most of them they already went online browsed your cars and reviews before they come in .Give them the space don't pressure them talk about other subjects to break the ice and let them believe you.If you want to sell a car make sure you are selling a car that you or a family member would drive with no hesitation "safe clean and reliable".
Clint Jones
@Jamil, good job! Trust is so important, and the last sentence of your post proves this point. Passion and genuine concern is not something that can be taught or faked. You either have it or you don't.
Mike C
Do you think it would help to build trust and confidence with the customers if you use an outside vendor for your car photography, and advertise the fact that the photos are from a impartial third party, not an in house sales driven associate who is taking only the shots that make the car look the best, hiding the bad parts, and possibly photoshopping the dents and scrapes ? Some sort of a photographic car verification service . Just a brain storm I had since I'm in the photography end of the business.
Kelvin Johnson

@Jamil, that's a really good job. I actually don't like 'pushy' salespeople because I don't want to get everything rush especially when buying a car. I need to be very careful. Though I know that's how a dealer should do, sometimes they overdo it so it always end up a 'thumbs down' for me

Timothy Lewis

Got the same approach to customers. The only difference is we present 3 reports from different vehicle history report providers. Leads increased to 50%

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