The one question you shoudl always ask.

Ryan Deemer
Remembering basic marketing principles. Even in the ever changing world of advertising we must remember that the goal is still to find the right customer at the right time with the right offer.
Ryan Deemer
Whoops, this was supposed to be: Today’s advertising world is evolving at an exponential rate and keeping up with new trends and avenues have made the task of marketing almost impossible. The days of a two or three prong advertising approach are over and we now have to find ways to incorporate numerous ways of advertising into a nice neat campaign. This shift in marketing has forced us to spend countless hours trying to wrap our heads around how trigger leads, analytics, SEO optimization, social media, QR codes, micro-sites and countless other trends and new avenues can help grow our business. In fact, some of us spend so much time trying to “keep up with the Jones” that we forget the basics principles that make any marketing campaign successful, finding the right customer at the right time with the right offer. I mean does it really make “cents” to buy a thousand banner ads to introduce your new sport car if half the ads are placed on websites for families and expecting mothers? Sometimes we get so wrapped up in exposure and seamless transitions from one media outlet to another that we forget the reason for the campaign in the first place. Just remember, the next time you are putting together a marketing campaign, ask yourself, or your vendors, this one question. Is this message going to hit the right customer at the right time with the right offer? This one question could save you countless hours, headaches, and money.
Brady Irvine
Hey man, you're preaching to the choir... Great topic Ryan.

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