The "Vulture" Point

Sheri Hudspeth
Looking for a solution here and I see the same problem at many dealerships is what we call the point.. but what it looks like to customers is a "Vulture" Point. We have 16 Salespeople and 1 entrance to the dealership, our floor salespeople call ups which gives the person time to get out of their car and walk around without being immediately approached. We are a 120-130 car a month domestic store, the argument we have with the sales team is we don't want 16 salespeople on the front, I think it is a bad look and intimidating to incoming customers, but their argument is there is no other way to get an up (after followup, email etc) I have seen some dealers that have sales guys under a canopy etc waiting for ups. It does not take them all day on the phone and email and we have a BDC that makes appointments for them as well so once they are done with their personal followup inside, we have a bunch of guys outside waiting to call an up. I think this is a bad look for incoming customers, what is your dealership doing as far as an "up" system?
Dealer Apex
Well Sheri this happens to many dealerships. You are right on when it comes to a bad look for your dealer and I know for a fact that the word gets around on the procedures of your dealer. On the other hand the sales people you have seem to be aggressive which is not a bad thing. As a manager your going to need to manage those sales people and explain to the sales staff how it looks to the potential customer. You need to insist that this has to stop and the customer can not be attacked. Maybe if you tell them you are going to put them on a number system it will wake them up so this does not happen any longer. Most if not all dealers have an open "up" system until it becomes a problem. After you cure this issue I am sure another one will rise. That's management for you Good Luck
mark rask
This is an age old problem.....we moved the smoking are to where it cant be seen. Also push them to get on the phones and in the crm

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