Third Party Internet Provider Pricing

Byron Womack
Pricing in smaller market share is much less expensive in other markets. My suggestion is this, simply put the cost you pay for, etc monthly for a base package EG: STL $1850 STL $1650 I think we would all be shicked at what we all pay,,,differently. Your turn
Jim Bell
I will just say I want those rates.
Bryan Armstrong
AT is $100 less Cars is $300 more.
Dealer Support
While Autotrader and Cars.Com have majority of the market share, there are new inventory sites that are popping up that offer listings for free. Have you considered those?
Sarah Udelhofen
I would kill for those AutoTrader and rates! At one point, just one of my stores was paying AutoTrader 11k a month (Toyota store, Baltimore/Washington DC market which is expensive real estate but that's insanity)! Of course not anymore, I wouldn't be having any of that! There are a few less expensive programs that I've been seeing some awesome results from. KBB launched in my market and I've been having some amazing results, for both new & used cars. They work based on counties as well so you get a whole lot more! My website click-throughs and time on page from KBB has also been doing great. For a fraction of what you pay for AutoTrader or it's worth looking into your budget. I did check out as an option as well, I recently signed a couple of my used car departments up with them last month. Edmunds was a little too pricy for my new car Toyota budget so I've decided to see how a few of my used car inventories do and go from there!
Steve Devereaux
@ Sarah, Is KBB's month to month... What are you paying compared to what you are paying for Autotrader? What kind of package do you have with Autottrader... We've signed up with Vehix, which have been giving us great results for the money...

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