Thoughts on ELEAD1ONE?

Micah Lakics
We are a Ford Dealership that is switching from Reynolds & Reynolds Salespoint to ELEAD1ONE CRM in October. What comments, suggestions, or concerns would anyone like to share with that conversion process? The reason I ask is that our dealership is a little behind the tech curve of the industry, and have been muddling through on Salespoint forever. I am concerned that we will have a large jump to make into ELEAD1ONE. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!!!
Cass Purdum
I will be following, as I am in a similar situation being behind the tech curve at a small dealership.
Steve Tuschen
Elead is a very good CRM. At the end of the day it is on how you use it, garbage in garbage out. Have processes in place to ensure leads are being entered in so you have valid reports. They have good features with the prospect platform and there BDC to make those calls has done very well for us seeing an excellent ROI. At the end of the day if you don't have everyone using then you might as well go back to the recipe cards, technology can make your life easier or more difficult it depends on it's use.
mark rask
Steve is so right.....There are some great crms out there ......however you have to inspect what you also needs to come from the top down
R Lamb
Lazy CRM company. There are so many things a smart and forward looking CRM can do these days - Eleads does none of these. You'd think the #2 CRM in the company would use it's position to innovate and lead the industry, but it doesn't.I see their ads all the time "The Most Intuitive CRM in the Today's Market", that is such a joke.I can pay $100/month to MailChimp (not even a dealership focused platform) and have WAY more intuitive features than eLeads will ever have. Example: On February 18 of this year I opened a ticket to tell me How Many Emails (not automated, but manual emails) my dealership sends and how many of those are read. It is August 28, and my ticket is still "in the queue" to be addressed. If a CRM can't give you a simple answer to a question like how many of my emails are being read, that should tell you all you need to know about their capabilities and desire to be "intuitive and performance driven."
David Karasick
I have been on eLeads for almost 10 years. While just like every other CRM it has it's quirks - I find that it's reporting is spot on and is almost unlimited. When you work with your Performance manager and constantly tweak the system you will get results!

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