Tips for a first time DSES attendee

Tammy Anthony Baker
Next month will be the first time I attend DSES. Any suggestions for Must See Sessions or Exhibits?
Michael Cirillo
Hey Tammy, you're going to love DSES. Here are some tips that have helped me. 1. Take some time before the conference begins to think about the biggest challenges you face. 2. Align the session topics with those challenges (that becomes your itinerary) 3. Take boat loads of notes 4. When you can, introduce yourself to the presenter - they are often willing to answer your questions to give you more clarification 5. The biggy - select 2 or 3 strategies that you can execute when you get back. These conferences are useless unless you apply the knowledge! 6. If you feel like something isn't working, hop on the forum here and ask before giving up. I know these don't sound like mind-blowing suggestions, but they work. Hope that helps.
Tammy Anthony Baker
Michael - Thanks for the suggestions! I'm looking forward to attending and wish I could hit all the breakout sessions. The Monday session is where I really want to see two at the same time. If only :)
Michael Cirillo
The nice thing about DSES is that they film most of the sessions and will make the slide decks available to you afterward.
Jennifer Bourgeois
Tammy, I am in the same boat! This is my 2nd year attending and Monday is going to be difficult to make a choice on which session to go to! Micheal, where do we find these slide decks? Is it through the DSES app or on Driving Sales? I tried to find something last year with no luck.
Michael Cirillo
They usually send out a link to the attendees (at least that's what I remember them doing), but I'd reach out to Christina DeVore at the Conference and ask. They usually mention where they'll be posted in the opening session as well.

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