To Spiff or not to Spiff?

Jeremy Lewis
I have always thought it better to just make it part of their pay plan. Just like some dealers like to spiff on weekends for unit sales well sales people just put off sales till the spiff is on.
Tami Paulus
Yes, spiff programs are still a better tool to use for your business, but it depends on how effectively you are managing your business programs. In some cases it may be a bad choice.
Brad Maslowski
The best finance spiff I did was paying out in CASH in the sales meetings. Really jumped up the numbers. Cash is King.
Stephan Caraway
WOW Ron, two hot topics for me when I finally achieve "GM" status. I worked for a family owned BMW dealership previously to this one that payed their sales persons 4% on all back end products and the reserve. The dealer was always # in the western U.S. in sales but it was also #1 in back end gross profit. We used to get visits from corporate BMW and they would marvel at our success. There was also a monthly bonus given to the sales person who had the highest back end average for the month with an eight car qualifier. This bonus went to the top sales in New car,Pre-owned and Internet. Every sales person would pre-sell aftermarket warranties or other finance products. It was great competition.
Ron Henson
I love it Stephan!
Big Tom LaPointe
yes. and YES. cash is king, though one dealer I work with has gone to debit cards, but the managers can put money on them the same day.

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