To split or not to split, that is the question.

Ron Henson
Does your floor staff split deals with your BDC or Internet Dept? If so, does this create conflict between teams?
Veronica Frescas
The way we are set up here, internet sales staff are not permitted to take floor ups and those on the floor are not allowed to take internet leads. YES!! Every week if not day, there are conflicts where the floor team accuses of skating "their (previous) customers."
Michael Bilson
Veronica..I am curious..when those instances of "skating" are they handled? Do you find that staff are more apt to ensure contacts and attempts are logged in the CRM?
Ron Henson
@Veronica Therein lies the problem. Two teams that are supposedly working toward the same end goal (selling Cars) that are in direct conflict with one another. It also leads to major ad sourcing problems for the dealership.
Mary Lynch
At our dealerships where the internet department sets the internet appointments there are specific salespeople that are chosen to take these appointments. They have agreed to the amount that they get taken out of their commission for receiving that lead. They also have to have their closing ratio at a certain percentage and follow up properly in the CRM. As long as all of this criteria is met than generally it takes care of most issues. The problems come to play when a customer sends in an internet lead and a salesperson says that they have worked with that customer in the past. We usually deal with this by giving that customer to that salesperson when they set the appointment, but if the salesperson had not been in contact with that customer in 14 days than it is considered an internet deal and the internet sales specialist gets paid on the deal as well. This seems to work out pretty well for us, but of course there will always be some issues.
Lauren Moses
Mary, It sounds like y'all have a pretty good plan set in place to handle most situations that occur. I am our only internet person, I can decide if I want to work an internet lead or hand it off to one of the sales staff. I don't get full commission like they do since I am hourly. So it really is up to me. If I do hand it off to the sales staff then they get the full commission since all I did was flip the timer off on the app on my phone.

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