Too Much Information?

Ron Henson
Hi Christopher, Sounds like you are off and running. I will say this, having the GM personally handle the leads doesn't scale very well but I'm sure you're preparing to make that transition to an Internet store. Having your entire team trained on and accountable to a defined process is the secret sauce. I have some docs that I would be happy to share with you on Quality Lead Response. Just drop me an email. Keep up the good work! Ron
Mike Elliott
If you're asking if your process is too much info, can you determine that by the results? Do you have enough leads that you can test multiple methods of response? Do you have the ability to ask dealers in similar dealerships what their % is? Then you'd have a baseline to measure your 16 % against.
Tom Vann
Good efforts, Christopher. Giving all that information will bring FAR better results than simply responding with emails that state, "Thanks for the request. Call me to set up an appointment." That's for sure! That being said, giving the RIGHT information at the RIGHT time is the key to earning the highest penetration ratios (and Gross Profits!). Engaging them in a phone conversation allows this to happen BEST! Of course, this statement is pretty obvious, right? The point is to aggressively pursue and test OTHER solutions that lead to MORE PHONE ENGAGEMENTS rather than just giving up all the vehicle and pricing information. I probably don't need to tell you this, but the client has access to FAIR PRICING INFO, CAR HISTORY INFO, MILLIONS of INVENTORY CHOICES, PAYMENT CALCULATORS, CAR BUILDERS, TRADE EVALUATORS, and more! You MUST show how UNIQUE and SUPERIOR you and your store are versus all those you compete against. Find, create, and test those strategies that will allow YOU to rise above all others. For instance, write your emails in more of a TEXT format than formal writing. Short, to the point, and "humanized" emails increase response by as much as 4x formal writing. Also, try providing a link to a personalized video where you introduce your package of extraordinary benefits and provide a short form invitation with an added benefit (non-discount related). Further, don't minimize the importance of SUBJECT LINE that grips the client's psyche like an electron magnet! Such as... YooOHOoooOO! Used Chevy Cheat Sheet Civic. Silly or Savage? Lexus 330 (Feel Filthy Rich!) 4x4 Trucks (check this video) Offering up just 3 (out of dozens) in this response isn't a TON, but I hope it reveals an open door to far more strategies and tactics that exist! Cheers! Tom
Christopher Murray
Thank you all! I feel that it is the right amount of information and even though the customer can get this information on-line it does not mean that dealers will honor any of it including my store. We appraise cars for their market value no matter what the customer has researched and we sell our vehicle for a set cost no matter what the customer's research shows and so it is with most of my competitors. My email, most often however, is in line with or better than their research so I would suspect I am off in the right direction but I am not sure of the closing percentage.....there MUST be data on that.
Tom Vann
Just so I'm clear with your response... ...are you saying that even though the information you provide may be inaccurate AND that you have no clear advantage (services, pricing) over your competitors, that you'd just soon stick with the "information recipe" you're sending to clients? No need to test other strategies? ...and that now you're just looking for penetration ratios? Is this accurate? As far as PR's, the numbers fluctuate as per the balance of leads you get from used car 3rd party, new car 3rd party, your home site, your mobile site, how phone calls are included in calculation, return clients who take action via your internet sources (mobile, Autotrader tracking number, click2call...), special finance "specific" leads, etc... Some dealers are far better at SEO and SEM than others (including ever-changing site content, social linking, etc...) which can lead to "higher quality" traffic than those who simply "leave it up to others". Further, PR's are impacted by manufacturer, as well. This is the reason to continue to split test and analyze your changes in order to maximize your output. Cheers! Tom
Christopher Murray
No Tom. The information I send is accurate and because of my position I can make even a typo a reality. I certainly will adjust my formulas as time and need permits. I move slow but I ALWAYS move so I scour the resources looking for better ways and slowly work them into my offerings. As far as closing ratios are concerned; Total sales divided by total, identifiable, leads equals my internet closing ratio.

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