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jj crain

Hello everyone,

How Is everyone tracking their advertising correctly? by that I mean knowing whats actually working. we are currently with car gurus auto trader and spending a pretty heavy amount of google ad words. for the last few months weve spent a lot on radio and tv until our bdc tells us that its "not working" well 10 days into the new campaign of doing absolutely zero radio and tv we are dead!! owner says sales people are too lazy to ask and update our crm( vin solutions) so we are going spending money left and right and at the end of the month we put our hands up and say " well...what the hell worked??" any ideas or solutions for better tracking? its literally our biggest obstacle

Ricky Patrick

Had a similar problem years ago and just created a PDF with all of the different sources on it. Autotrader logo,, google, facebook, radio station logo, tv station logo, website screenshot....etc.

We would give them this printed page and let the customer circle which sources (usually more than one) that led them to us. We tried doing this in finance when they were billing out, but decided we wanted to capture the unsold prospects as well so we started doing it as the salesman was going to get the first pencil.

It's low-tech but it worked for us.

jj crain

did you find that most people were being honest or just circling things to get it out of the way? We have literally beat our heads against a wall!! is radio and tv working in your area?

Ricky Patrick

We never had any resistance from the customer. The best option is for the salesperson to do it when they enter the customer into the CRM but option B worked well for us.. And, no, radio and TV doesn't work for us.

jj crain

what area are you in? if you don't mind me asking

jj crain

I looked you guys up. your doing great with google reviews. how are you pressing the importance to that? we have 99 reviews and a good rating we just cant seem to add much volume to it?

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