Tracking Showroom Ups

Chris Olson

Curious what you're stores are doing to track their showroom ups.  

The Traditional - The Point

The Up List - Paper Up List

Technology - The Next Up


No System at all.



Derrick Woolfson

Chris, we use the CRM. Albeit, there are customers who do not get logged. But the managers will not desk a deal unless the customer has been entered into the CRM. 

Karen Ann

We used to use the CRM, then Dealer Socket updated and does not have that functionality anymore. Reception can add "guy with red hat" but Sales Team will never see it and are not able to attach the up to a sales event.

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

If you have a CRM, you should find a way to do it there so you have the greatest amount of data down the line.

If your team is not doing it, take a sheet log up front and ask your receptionist to do it once a day at night or when coming in the next day.

You should catch all deals from all source always, you're paying a ton of money for each already.

R. J. James

Most of the dealerships I have worked with use their CRM to capture Showroom Ups.  Unfortunately, some Sales Consultants are not as diligent at doing this as they should be.  However, I did work with a Chevy dealership in 2005 where the DP insisted, "If it walks in here and fogs-up a mirror, you better put them in the system.  If you don't, I'll introduce you to your replacement!"

Mark Rask

trying to push the crm 

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