Jasen Rice
I want to know if anyone is tracking the amount of time between when a lead comes in to when they scheduled an appointment. And if so, are you doing it new vs. used and phone lead vs. internet lead? I have been and have stats but I wanted to see who else out there maybe doing this. Also, are you doing it manually or does your CRM do it for you? I have dealers doing it manually because I have not found that eLeads, Vinsolutions, AVV Webcontrol, Contact Management or Dealersocket does it unless someone can tell me other wise
Robert Karbaum
Are you talking organically, or if a BDC/Sales rep is calling to book an appointment?
Jasen Rice
For examample I am talking about getting a lead on 5/1 and you talk to them today and the are going to come in Sat 5/ 17 so that would be 16 days between lead and appointment.
Megan Barto
You can do something like this in VinSolutions custom reports - I just set one up - sorted by Lead Created time with when the appointment was created and when the appointment occurs. You can then group it by phone/internet/new/used. You can then export it to a spreadsheet (or even schedule it to be an attached report v an embedded one) - throw in some formulas & voila! You have your time frame!
Jasen Rice
Thanks Megan, I am playing with it now in Vin but I have dealerships tracking them manually so I can see appointments by age bucket (how old the lead is) and able to see the % showed based on age bucket so for example a dealer could have 44 appointments MTD but 34 of the 44 are on leads 0-7 days old and only 3 are from leads 35 days or older. Big sign that the long term follow up process might not be worked that hard. Also shows that leads that are 0-7 days old, 64% are showing but on the 35+ day old leads, 100% of those leads are showing. These are smalls stats right now but it leads me to believe that the older the lead that sets an appointment has a higher tendency to show (probably due to the fact that they are at the end of their shopping cycle and now are ready to buy) then the fresh leads that might just be starting to shop.I can also track average age of lead to appointment and if I can get that number higher each month, the more it shows that we are working the older leads better and getting them in the door. I am starting to believe this number (average lead to appointment number) could be more important to the success of your Internet leads then your closing percentage number.
Shaun Weissman
I usually see our leads falling into 2 categories... We have those that make the appointment within the first 7 days and than 60 days and later. Obviously you have exceptions but that is the results we are seeing.

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