Traffic logging

Robin Lamothe

A few questions regarding logging traffic. Who at your dealership manages the traffic/desk log? Is it the Sales Manager? Receptionist? Desk Manager? What do you log/keep track of? Do you use a CRM/software? Or old-school paper desk log? What works the best?


Many thanks for everyone's feedback!



mark rask

We use a crm.....the sales managers are monitoring this at our stores. 

Chris K Leslie

We keep a log at the receptionist desk 

Heres a link if youre interested in checking it out.

Aaron Berg


Both of my stores have a closed sales floor which helps a lot! We warmly welcome customers but they need to check in with the receptionist if they want to speak with a sales person. When they check in, our greeter/receptionist logs them into the CRM system. We use Momentum CRM and it is fabulous! No issues and everyone gets logged. Hope this helps!

Todd Marcelle

We utilize GoMoto touchscreen HUB that streamlines our customer check in process from start to finish. We started it at our VW and Chevy stores and we now secure 98% plus of all customers into our CRM with a license scan, phone, email, ad source and depedining trade info. My sales guys love it as it takes away the manual process of logging customers, auto assigns to them in CRM as showroom up and allows them to focus on right vehcile/needs assetment. Our customer are checked in and in a test drive vehcile between 3-5 mins vs teh industry avg of 30 mins. 

The customers love it as well as they are engaged in the shopping process and reduces a ton of time on the transaction. We even have it so our online deals pop up when a customer checks in so we present a very knowledgable sales person and a transparent process. A game changer. 

David O

We use the CRM but with a greeter as well. Most customers use multiple forms of "influence" so we have the greeter ask them a couple questions in terms of what influenced them to come to our dealership... Since NOBODY, I mean NOBODY submits leads anymore nor do sales people put in the correct source, we know that our customers may visit 3-4 different sites before coming to ours... so we try to get most or all of their influencers... Some are easier than others but it's not an exact science. 

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