Training at my Dealership.............

Ron Henson
Fill in the blank.
Lauren Moses
Only whats required through GM and what F&I I've been able to get squeezed into.
Ron Henson
Lauren ~ Is it a priority or an afterthought for your store? What about for sales consultants?
raphael chan
My dealer has provided me with sales/ closing training and sales call work as well.
Lauren Moses
An afterthought for sure. What I have learned as far as the internet side of the automotive I have pretty much researched to learn. Hence me being on the forums so much. The F&I training has mainly been in the last month or so since our GM who does the F&I will be leaving in 2 weeks to go to Detroit.
Dustin Lyons
Was daily when I was a team leader. There was still more that could have been done though, and for some guys they really wanted it and wanted to improve, and then there were the guys who didn't ever want to do any training and were always in a hurry to go sit and play solitaire or candy crush and hope that something fell into their lap that day. BTW thanks Ron, we can always count on you to stimulate some great conversation.

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