Training Calendars

Ron Henson
How far out does your store plan training meetings? Part 2 (Because I'm afraid of the answer to part 1) How far out SHOULD your store plan training meetings?
Tim Schaiberger
How would this answer apply to a smaller dealership?
Ron Henson
@Tim, Training and the planning of training content is important regardless of dealership size. Having a well trained and proficient staff is critical to a dealership's success.
Tim Schaiberger
Yeah, but I am the only staff in my department! lol!
Thomas Spahr
There are four salesman plus a sales manager at my store. No training of any kind has been offered to me other than telling me what to do during a sale. I've been getting very frustrated and discouraged by this. I am a first time car salesman and have limited experience in the field. I know I have the ability to be a great salesman but it's getting tough to keep going when I have little to no training. What should I do?
Tim Schaiberger
First thing is you are going to have to wait it out to establish a clientele. Also, make yourself visible on social media and your website. Make sure you are maximizing any help you can get from a corporate source. There are also a bunch of training videos on youtube for free. Just search for car sales training. You sit at your desk and learn.

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