Training / Most helpful training for overcoming objections?

Jennifer Kidd
Just wanted to see what people were using for training on overcoming objections? Most helpful? Even though I am in the BDC, we are still closing for the appointment..
Taylan Yu
Hi Jennifer, We were using the same system at our store, I had the best luck with following phone ninjas scripts and putting your own spin on them! You can see them here:|de211c0d-6a29-4368-b0a9-eca3358e3509 If you are doing BDC / appointment settings the Elise Kephart video process is definitely worth looking at too: .
Jennifer Kidd
Thank you, Taylan!!!!
Tony Wood
We really enjoy using scripts from Craig Polito, but I'm not allowed to link them :-/ If you'd like to look into his training (which i would highly recommend) you can contact him via phone: (727) 215-4908 or via e-mail: We enjoy his scripts because they aren't really scripts, and our auto group has just adopted the whole "complete transparency" approach, which his training falls right in line with.
Jason Stum
I got turned on to Jeffrey Gitomer early in my car sales career and I've been a fan of his teachings and training ever since. Because he's outside of the automotive industry, I think he offers a different perspective on being a true sales professional. He produces a bunch of free content that I'd highly recommend, including content on topics such as handling objections. Check it out...
Jennifer Kidd
This is great stuff, I have been is sales for many years but I'm new to the auto industry. Thank you all for this useful info!!

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