Training Your Employees for Dangerous Situations

Tori Zinger

This past week, a car salesman was hijacked during a test drive.

It's a scary situation, and no matter what types of safety precautions you take, this could happen to any of our sales staff. 

Do you have any training in place for your employees to teach them how to handle this sort of situation if it were to ever happen to them? What other types of scary situations do dealership employees need to be prepared for?

Dealer Guy

It's scary, we have no plan, knock on wood.

Which is a good reason why a dealer should always require PHOTO ID for a test drive - and why a sales person should be doing their job collecting the basics?! 

Some people throw on a plate, salesman stays back, the people return and they are never heard from again! And you cannot follow up because you didn't get any info - which told the customers YOU weren't SERIOUS and they saw that, and that is why PROFESSIONALISM counts. 

And why would you allow someone to drive a brand new or used car, not knowing they can even legally drive?

Don't fear to lose a sale because they don't want to give you their info - it's right there on the Drivers License.

Hey Tom:

you still at 245 Stellar Way in Mocton?

What your cell number buddy?

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