Traits of a good mentor

Jason Volny

Did you have a mentor?  Is there someone you consider as such? What are some of the traits that make a good mentor?

Chris K Leslie

A good mentor never judges the questions you ask. They always tend to pull from personal experience when giving an opinion. 

Morgan Hardy

Constructive criticism is so important! 

Bart Wilson

I feel a mentor needs to help you identify areas for improvement. Many times we are blind to our weaknesses. Don't forget how important it is to celebrate the successes as well.

Derrick Woolfson

I still go back to my mentor, looking back, I used to get frustrated when I felt that he was nit picking my every move. But now I am very grateful for it. A good mentor is not someone to build your ego, but someone that effectively builds you up by effective insight. A good mentor will also challenge you. Challenging the way you build ideas and actualize them. 

Morgan Hardy

@Derrick- there is a difference between nit-picking and micromanaging. Micromanaging someone doesn't help them grow. It leaves them feeling frustrated, annoyed, and probably defeated. 

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