Transferring Used Cars between Dealerships?

kelly hazlehurst
Are there any big dealership groups out there that transfer used cars between stores? Is it worth it? What is your process to get them transferred?
Timothy Mangiameli
We have more then 20 dealships at Performance Auto Group here in Omaha ! And it is Company policy that we can show any used vehicle at any one of the 20 dealerships to a customer that prefers to deal with a certain sales person at a certain dealership but the process sometimes is very hectic and trying to get the car to the dealership for the customer that set an appointment time is the luck of the draw!
Bill Simmons
Yes we do at our 11 dealerships. All of our company wide used car inventory is displayed on each stores website. There are pricing rules based on age of the vehicle as to what the receiving store pays for the car. We have had months where 30+% of our used car sales were sold by the store that did not have the vehicle in stock. As Timothy mentioned sometimes it can be a logistical headache though.
kelly hazlehurst
Bill, what is the process to transfer cars? Do you rely on the managers to coordinate? What is they don't?
Bill Simmons
Kelly, yes, all of the sales managers work it out between them and are pretty cooperative. Only once in a while do we have one of them not want to let a car go to be shown. Then the GM's get together and work it out.
Lezlie Brannan
We "share" inventory between our two locations and list all used vehicle on both dealer websites. All transferring is done between managers.

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