Transition of BDC appointments to sales floor

Robert Bader
What is your process for BDC appointments once they show? I'm having a hard time determining if I should set up a round robin system where once the BDC sets an appointment it is assigned to a sales agent. Or waiting for appointments to show and just handing them off to whatever sales person is available at the time. We are wanting the process to be as smooth as possible while still being fair to the sales agents and giving them all opportunities to work BDC appointments...until we can determine who is closing better than others. What methods do you all use?
Lauren Moses
I handle all our online leads. But sometime you need a good mix of round robin and who ever is available. Set up the round robin, but if the person who is up next has a customer then skip to the next person on the list. The next appointment can go to the one who had the customers. Eventually you can get to where you can judge who handles what kinds of customers best or who is making more sales and readjust accordingly. Hope that helps.
Shannon Hammons
We have a formula for the salesman in order for them to qualify for an appointment. If they have qualified, based on previous month, then I round robin them. However if we have someone coming in that I feel a certain person will "click" better or they have better knowledge of the particular vehicle I will stray from above and go with that salesperson.
Jeff Collins
Create a culture that's based on merit. If a salesman demonstrates consistency with CRM utilization, customer follow up, and high CSI those are the individuals that should handle and be given BDC appts. We set the expectation when setting an appt with a customer to expect a confirmation call within minutes. This is critical in that the our BDC staff shares with the customer that their vehicle of choice will be pulled upfront in VIP parking upon their arrival. When the mgr calls and confirms said appt they reiterate what to expect upon their arrival and are instructed to ask for the Mgr at which time the customer is then introduced to their "Product Specialist". It makes the customer feel exclusive. The key is the mgr confirmation call. And make sure the car is pulled upfront.
Dustin Lyons
I think Shannon and Jeff are spot on. We used a system where salespeople had to qualify each month to get internet leads and it was based on a variety of factors. It helped encourage more professionalism as well as put your hot leads in front of the most qualified to handle them. However like I always told my sales team, get a turn or help from the person most likely to close your deal, which is usually the one who will click the best with your customer, so giving leads to the right person rather than the next on the list is a smart choice.
Thomas Ieracitano
I am really surprised that no one sets the appointment as a 'VIP Appointment' with a Sales Manager. One of the biggest issues customers have in the Automotive Sales Process is being 'handed off'. The VIP Appointment is designed to;-remove the perception of being 'handed off' to a salesperson, this is better served taking place once the customer has arrived.-set the expectation the customer's time is valuable and by setting the appointment with a Manager will not only respect their time, but save time.

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