Will Schafer
We cancelled them. Not going to give them free license to call our customers theirs.
Chris K Leslie
I think it really depends on your market and how much competition there is for your make. My market isn't so large that we would get shopped by the TrueCar buyer in most cases.
Stan Sher
Worked with a Chrysler dealer back in the spring and signed them up because I thought they might have gotten better. Every other lead is still from 60 miles or more away. Scoped out a BDC for a Toyota store last week and discovered the same exact thing. Sorry nothing against those guys because I know some of their top people well and consider them a friend but I still do not consider them a good dealer partner.
Alex Pflug
We were on the program for over 3 years, cancelled 10 stores in September due to duplicate lead issues (60% plus). Same customers walk in, want to shop the price anyways. We were up over 15% since the cancellation vs. last year, seems like a decent decision and saved over $20,000 per month on a group level.
John Marzy
The challenge we have with TrueCar is their lead quality. When you sign up with TrueCar you get leads from 2 sources. TrueCar Member Partners and TrueCar. As an example TrueCar member partners are USAA, Consumer Reports, AAA (some states) and many many more. The members of these companies are not aware that they are using TrueCar's pricing software. All software is branded in the member companies name. These leads are solid and if these were the only leads we get from TrueCar we would be 100% satisfied. Now comes the TrueCar leads. As someone mentioned they spend a lot of money on advertising. We are flooded with these poorer quality leads and many of these leads have already come into our CRM through our website and SEM. When you sign up with TrueCar you allow them access to your DMS and sold history. They go in and "find" matches to the leads they sent you and based on your contract you owe them there fee. So overall we are not happy with TrueCar.

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