Ron Henson
A prominent Toyota Dealer in Florida said on Facebook, "Car Dealers and some manufacturers are TERRIFIED of TrueCar because they are bringing TRANSPARENCY to the car buying process. I highly recommend for buying your next car." Do you agree or disagree with him? Do you recommend TrueCar to your customers?
Joseph Britt
TrueCar is a cool tool in the fact it allows you to educate yourself on available options and the costs associated with them. However, the car built by the customer never matches my inventory, as they try to pick their options a la carte and not based on available packages. The biggest trouble I have with Truecar isn't bringing transparency to the car buying process, its their price tag! I can sell a car for a loser all by myself, I do not need to pay Truecar to do so. Its been a race to the bottom for some time now, Truecar just provides an organized way to do it, and that is why we have opted out and agree to match any Truecar certificate that makes its way to our show room.
Zach Janes
@Joseph - Agreed on the race to the bottom comment. For new car sales, way too many dealerships are stuck in this strategy. Quick question. From the perspective of a dealership, if there was a way to reach only in-market car buyers earlier in their shopping journey before they ever got to the stage where they're using 3rd parties like TrueCar would that be considered as valuable?
Frank Marshall
We've found we gain the following the lower we go on TrueCar: More leads FURTHER away from our dealership. Apparently a point is reached in online pricing where you are only gaining the price shoppers who are willing to change the zip code selector on TrueCar to get pricing from different markets. Do you want these customers who will never service with you, that will eat up internet sales' associates time with working the whole deal over the phone and will result in a loss on the front end? If you're steaming and trying to hit a sales objective you do, but if you can hit it without then why go through this? I set my pricing higher then others but at an amount that is palatable to everyone and I get fewer leads, but at least it makes sense and it can make a quick and easy deal if they come in.
Jason Stum
@Ron I can't remember if it was you or someone else who said it best at the Thought Leadership Summit. But to paraphrase... "...If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at the OEM's and the Dealers for not embracing transparency over the years and allowing a company like TrueCar to insert themselves between us and the consumer..." That sentiment really resonated with me. Sure we can be pissed at TrueCar for capitalizing on an opportunity, but really it's our own fault. This is one of the reason's why our marketing and advertising is shifting the focus on what makes us unique and how we can provide a better shopping experience.
Jennifer Greenberg
From a dealer perspective, I didn't like that I didn't show up in my own zip code if my price wasn't low enough. My biggest problem with truecar is that it yields dissatisfied customers. You can build any car you want on TrueCar, and some of those cars don't exist. So, when the customer comes in and the car isn't there, they think it's a lie. Also, they are incredibly tricky in getting customers to submit their information. Especially with the affiliates like USAA/ AAA - customers never seemed to realize they were submitting any contact info. I think it's because they're already logged in on an affiliate site. When I look up customer reviews of the program online, I see a lot of negativity.

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