TrueCar Situation, Do You Agree Or Disagree?

Bryan Bunch
If you have a customer that has already been in the store and you have worked numbers. You're in the process of closing them on the vehicle. They want to go home and do more research. Then TrueCar sends you information on the same customer and bill's you for it. Should you have to pay the TrueCar a fee?
Dennis Galbraith
Bryan, This is the challenge with these 100% attribution models. (Nothing against TrueCar in particular) The theory is you only pay for what you get, but some of what you get you already have or would have had anyway. You need to factor the cost of those in. If a model charges $300 per sales but half of what they charge for you would have had anyway, then the actual cost is $600 per sale. The policies change over time, and I hope TrueCar and other dealers can help you with that. I'm sure they are not going to change their policies for a single store, so you need to crunch the numbers and measure the product's value within the terms they give you. I've thought about this type of model for over fifteen years and there is no clean way to make it work for all parties without at least a few cases causing friction. That doesn't mean anyone involved is a bad person, it simply means this is a very tough model to make work and there is only one right way to measure it. You must take out the business you are paying for and not truly receiving to recalculate the cost per sale.
Bryan Bunch
Thank you Dennis, as always I value your insight. This is why I enjoy Driving Sales, I've learned over the years to take personal opinion out and try to leave room for open understanding. So to have a place to ask a question and hear different opinion's from those within the business.
Chris K Leslie
Bryan, If you have time stamped notes in your CRM that should be enough to dispute.
Todd Navarro
I'm a little disappointed how True Car takes the loyalty away from the dealer and moves it to True Car. True Car should be a referral service only, not a buying service/price provider in my opinion. They should have 72 hour protection like anyone else. I do not agree with the 30 day protection. In the end, It's up to us to if we want the leads. Good luck. For now, the good outweighs the bad.
Ron Henson
This seems to me to be a good case study into the value of 1st time closes. Having the guest go home to do research could mean a lot of things that aren't very good for your dealership. Whether they end up at TrueCar or on your nearest competitor's website, it will cost you gross. The bright side of your post Bryan is that the customer ends up buying the vehicle from you which is better than other possible outcomes.

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