TV Commercials

Steve Devereaux
I'm interested in hearing what kind of strategy you use for TV ad campaigns. We haven't used TV advertising in a long time, but we are considering getting back into it in order to generate some new car business. We are located right in the middle of 3 counties which makes things complicated. We would probably have to pick one area, so we can hit the same people over and over again. Any suggestions as far as what companies to use? Does anyone know of companies that make good commercials? Any information as to your strategy with it, how much you spend and what kind of response you get will definitely be helpful. Thank you!
Ed Steenman
The biggest mistake I see dealers make is that too many of them spend their marketing dollars talking about the factory brand and the products. If you are able to take your own name off of your advertising messages and replace it with the name of your nearest competitor then you are not investing long term in a unique brand. Also, you need to think outside of just the television 'box' make sure that the overall brand position you develop will work across the multiple advertising platforms you'll need it to work with- television, digital and social at the very least. It needs to be an integrated strategy. In addition, certain types of brand strategies lend themselves particularly well to the new emerging digital and social media which will result in a lower customer acquisition cost as you move them forward. I have posted some examples on my website you can look at - the community based strategies are very strong right now and lend themselves to new media as well as traditional television. Thank you and best wishes for your success.
Jim Bell
I would not look at the brand. Look at branding your dealership and how you differentiate your dealership from others since you have competition locally. You can tag something at the end, but hit more on your dealer.
Tchadas Leo
My Manager always find that talking mainly about what makes your dealership special then the rest of the ones around you. Offering a free lunch with a test drive is often a clever way to attract people with a TV as as well. Jim has a good point in adding a quick tag at the end with your brand, but nothing to invasive
Aaron Root
I like the branding of the dealership. This is key. Lets just say you have a 30 second to 1 minute commercial, but the consumer wants to learn more about you and your products. You must have a key focal point on your web site and it's address. Two scenarios in our area; one dealer has the gimmicky, funny, schtick ads that really do not present themselves is a professional manner. Another dealer repeats audibly and shows their web site several times. Their site becomes ingrained and not just lost in your short term memory. Where is the consumer more likely to explore their shopping needs next?

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