Ron Henson
What is your policy on allowing customers to go on test drives without a sales consultant? #CX
Bill Simmons
We do allow it Ron. Ideally this is done after the customer has had a test drive with the sales consultant. If the customer wants to take the car to show someone else that is absolutely okay. Here in VA we have to issue a "permission to drive" slip for those cases when an employee is not in the car. So we have a copy of their drivers license and insurance card on file before they leave the store.
Mark Miller
Over the years I've seen both ends of this and buying cars been on both ends as a consumer. I think a consumer may be less then honest with their spouse (if buying together) on a test drive with the consultant and that was always my concern in those situations, I never wanted anyone to buy a vehicle they were not totally satisfied with. As a consumer, I never liked the consultant controlling the test drive route, I always felt like they were hiding something about the performance of the vehicle in some way. As for policy, most dealers I have been at require the consultant to go on the test drive unless it is a repeat customer for the sales consultant.
Lauren Moses
We (as in the sales staff) usually don't go on test drives unless the customer requests it or the sales person feels like they are going to have lots of questions about the vehicle. I myself, like to always go on test drives. I feel like on customers that I ride with them on test drives, I have a better closing rate than if I dont. It's a great time to not only to demo the vehicle but to get to know the customer and their wants and needs that they might have forgotten to mention earlier.
Robert Karbaum
Always with salesperson. Salesperson drives first.
Tyler Larson
I think it probably differs between type of sales and demographic. We market generally in the $8000-$18000 price range. It was a couple years ago when we went to ride along for every test drive. In our price range customers can have all kinds of objections and we noticed that if we don't right along that objection list just grows. As I ride along I can handle objections right on the spot and soft close the closer we get back to the dealership. Except of hard closing when the customer returns, my soft closes have built up to a write up and hard close. Much easier ; ) ! Information is selling, the more you know about your customer the more you can do your job. Leaving them too much time alone suffers your ability to actually know how to close your customer.

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