Underperforming Sales Reps

Vidushi Jain

Let's face it, not everyone ends up in the top quartile. As a manager, you can turn a blind eye or take steps to influence and bring rep(s) up to speed. Curious to know what steps a manager should take in such situations? 

Derrick Woolfson

Great topic, Vidushi! I also think sometimes you have to look in the mirror, too, when looking at an underperforming employee. Where you have to ask yourself is it a "knowing" or a "doing" thing. That said, for those that it is a "doing" thing I like to break down where they are struggling - offering them resources/training in those specific areas. And instead of just offering them advice also offer a plan of action. Where in 30-60 days you should see an increase in performance. And if after that they choose not to "do" their job then it is, unfortunately, time to part ways. 

A plan of action is crucial, as well as the follow-up!

Amanda Gordon

Great topic as the sales force is the life blood of our industry. My mentor taught me to "inspect what I expect." Holding everyone accountable for follow-up, demo's, write-up's and TO's including myself. After all this is a numbers game and if the basic processes are being adhered to results are sure to follow. 

Brandin Wilkinson

All great replies and a great topic. I have a personal rule that I don’t let anyone go without giving them a full opportunity to succeed. If you have underperforming sales consultants, start by looking at your own influence on them, do you have the proper leadership in place, did you give them an honest opportunity to succeed by setting them up with effective training in the early stages and continuous training and development moving forward? Everyone can succeed. Finding what motivates them is often all it takes to fire up their intrinsic motivation and start unlocking their true potential. 

Mark Rask

Coach, coach and more coaching!

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