Lisa Casaccio
Do any of you use an up system on your showroom floors. If so how does it work? How do you keep track? Looking for ideas.
kenan pyeatt
There is nothing better than The Next Up. It completely changed how I view our industry. It DOUBLED my up count and I was what I thought meticulous on logging. It allows your salespeople the ability to better manage their day and it gives the customer a better experience. I highly encourage you to reach out to the guys over there at TNU. KP
Gary Walker
Kenan is right and he states some of the things that our company believes in it, also. If you are interested in hearing our solution for guest rotation, please feel free to email or call me on my cell number in my profile page.
Jason Stum
Hi Lisa, while I've never used The Next Up personally, they have a solid reputation in the industry and the people I've met from the company are genuinely good folks that I hold in high esteem. Hope that helps :)
Michael Bilson
I read a report about the Next Up that was written by Brian Pasch at PCG Consulting. Had great things to say about it. Many great reports on various vendors and PCG certainly provides an unbiased no punches pulled synopsis on just about everything and everyone industry related. http://www.pcgresearch.com/
Michael Bilson
@ Lisa...are you using a CRM tool..?? Are you trying to encourage a true round robin or eliminate 5 sales people always standing in front of the store..?? What are your motives?

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