Used Car Buyer

MJ MacDonald
We are really struggling with a strong used car buyer pay plan. One that holds the buyer accountable for their purchases. Does anyone have a good plan in play or know of a good pay plan for a used car buyer? We are at a flat pay for each purchase plus a % of the used vehicle wholesale gross every month. Still maintaining a 60-day turn policy. Any ideas?
Clint Jones
There used to be a guy (consultant) around by the name of Tommie Gibbs. He had a really good one that was based on a small flat, percentage of gross, and bonus on turn time. The thing that he liked about it was that the buyer would be on top of the reconditioning as well, constantly checking up on his inventory. Maybe look into his plan if he is still around.
MJ MacDonald
Thanks for the input.
Ed Brooks
Tommy is still around - I absolutely love his newsletter
Mark Rask
thanks for the info guys
Steve Devereaux

Did you ever come up with a pay plan for him?  I'm interested in the specifics as far as what percentage and what bonus was implemented or the one Tommie recommends.

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