Used car operation question

Brad Wise

I have a Chevy and Mazda store right next to each other . Currently both new car franchises share one used car lot .

We sell 80-90 New Mazda's per month - 20 used from Mazda CPO and trades 

We sell 110 Used on the Chevy statement 

Question : 

If I opened a dedicated Used car operation at Mazda ( separate from the shared ( Chevy)  ) Would we sell more used?

We have the room and Facility to do it 

If we sold the Mazda store , they would have one  - why shouldn t we ????

I get the economy of sharing but......I just think we could add 40 more used - what do you think

Christian Salazar

Hey Brad... what's up bud... it's been about 5 years, no longer... since 09... 

In relation to your question, i think you already know the answer... It sounds like the making the decision to do it or not is what you're up against.

If this is your idea and nobody else is really on board, probably won't work..  If you have everyone cheerleading the charge and a solid team in place how could you lose?

It should be smacking you in the face so hard that you can't not do it.

talk soon..

Amanda Gordon

Brad great question, As long as the bottom line adds up does it matter? I once worked at a Honda, Acura and Mitsi store that shared a Used lot and everything worked well logistically. I think the real question is are the Sales people equally motivated to sell Used and are they all aware that this is where the bread and butter is made in this industry?


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