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Mark Miller
I may be late to the party, or the fact I don't work on the sales side of the business, but I missed this company Vroom. I only just now caught it as John Elway (a local legend in Denver) is one of the backers. Seems like an interesting concept and adds to the other discussions we've had on one-price selling. Add to this the Sonic concept, Echo Park, CarMax, and other stand alone used car stores, is this a trend to take the used car sales away from franchised dealers?
Clint Jones
Cool Website!
James Litton
Brilliant website, I love the photo progression. With that level of detail, you would have thought they may have wiped off the water from the engine cover and tried to stop the mirroring of the photographer, but this is being picky. One price car used car supermarkets have been a staple part of British motor retailing for a long time, but whenever someone tries to move it online, it fails. As recent as a couple of years ago, the supermarket giant Tesco tried to enter the online one price market with a takeover of a failing existing retailer, and with all of their capitalisation and retailing know how, they were out after a year. Having thought about this concept for a long time (full disclosure, in 2007 I started a used car business with the same idea - failed for a variety of reasons), the customers who 'do not like to haggle' often lack confidence generally, so they need to see cars and talk to an expert about them. The negotiation is a result of this. The customers that like a price battle possess the confidence to buy online, but are prepared to challenge status quo. That said, with kids born in this millennium soon to drive, perhaps the trend will move more toward this business model?
mark rask
This seems like a good idea
Robert Niven
It's Carvana, but with nationwide delivery and free shipping. It's hard to beat if they stand behind the 7 day "test-drive" guarantee and the "worry-free" protection thereafter (90-day/6,000-mile Warranty and 1 year of National Roadside Assistance).
Justin Richter
Neat concept. At first glance, it seems sloppy. Website is experiencing issues and keeps crashing this morning. Couple of minor grammar issues on the landing page. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. Just my 2c.

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