Used dealer starting out

Jimmy Troxler
I'm am opening a used car lot with about 35 units. Two salesmen including myself. Can anyone a one stop solution for the software we would need. It would need inventory, bookkeeping, cost analysis,CRM, email marketing, website interface software. I don't think I left anything out. We won't be financing anything ourselves. Little to no subprime. I would like to use one company for all of it. Any suggestions? Did I forget anything important? Thanks for your help. If you work for such a company please comment and email me
Megan Barto
One that does everything is going to be tough. Have you thought about using a CRM/E-Mail Marketing/Web Interface program (there's a lot of them out there) & then using Quickbooks for your accounting/payroll?
Finance Express, Just purchased by Dealersocket! Once your able to finance you will have all you need
Shawn Ryder
As Megan mentioned it is going to be tough to find all under one company, obviously most convenient but not easy. Are you currently using any type of CRM solution? Is it all sales or will there be any service as well?
Clint Jones
abcoA Dealer Pack. The only thing it's missing is payroll but that's pretty simple. It will export to your website. Call Evie. There are lots out there that export to Quickbooks. Desk Manager is a pretty good one but the CRM isn't too powerful.
Jimmy Troxler
Thanks for the feedback. I did forget payroll. I'm leaving a dealership to start this one so I don't have any software whatsoever. I have used about every Dms and CRM out there. So I'm familiar with most however I'm thing anything I'm used to for a large dealership won't be cost effective with a smaller store like mine. I was quoted a fair price from Reynolds. @shawn I won't be offering service. @meagan I like that idea about quick books can you recommend one? however I know eventually if I want to grow I will have to have some type of dms for bookkeeping and such. What ballpark area should I be looking at per month just for CRM, with ESP, desking software and dms 3 users. No website. Thanks for all your comments. Very helpful.

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