Using Text Codes and QR Codes

Lisa Elder
Is anyone else using text code and qr code marketing? I found a company online called Text My Auto and have found them very useful, we have been using them for 2 months now, wondering if anyone else is using them and what results they are getting. Also, if you are using them, any ideas on responding to the text messages....Thank you.
Marc McGurren
Lisa - we are about to do some short text marketing with some of our TV and radio. I will let you know how it goes. We will need to setup a process to make sure we respond in a timely and appropriate manner. I would be curious to see what others have to say as well.
Tim Lage
I have a lot of experience working with both Texting Campaigns & QR Codes and have some data. My company launched texting campaigns on our mobile platform about 1 1/2 years ago to dealers of every size nationwide. There was a lot of initial interest in the texting piece of the mobile platform and a few dealer made it work for them. What we've learned is that to be successful in texting campaigns you have to be prepared to spend money to market the you-know-what out of it and have a perfect process in the store to manage, track and reply. My company also launched a patent pending QR Code technology that is very strong. We've found a lot of companies coming from the woodwork offering a QR product, however they all do it wrong. To be successful with QR Codes, you must 1st have a mobile website and a QR software platform that integrates with your inventory so that a consumer can scan a code on a piece of inventory and be deep-linked within the dealer's MOBILE website to that unit. Sounds easy, but I talk with dealers everyday that cannot get this to work seamlessly. Also, everyone is placing them on the actual window sticker, which sounds great, but has many problems. Sun glare, window tint & nighttime to name a few. Then you'll also soon be competing with 2 other QR codes on the window sticker, 1 for the OEM that links to the OEM Website and 1 for the EPA which will link to the governments EPA website. We use 3" x 5" all-weather labels that get placed on the outside of the window to get maximum exposure. The software that powers the QR Coding is also important. It needs to be simple and flexible and dedicated to the automotive industry. Contact me directly if you'd like some more details. I'd be happy to have a conversation.

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