VAuto and overselling

Jamil "The Carman"

I have no doubt that VAuto is a great tool that helps dealers know their market and sell more cars.However,I have noticed that everything you ask for you would need a different tool to access .For example,I wanted a tool to help me access the cars while I am in the Auction and appraise them on the spot ,They told me you need provisioning .I got provisioning and I tried to navigate through the cars at the auction ,It didn't work they told me you need StockWave .I got Stockwave and I just hang up with the trainer and I asked her if I can link Autocheck to it so I can run both like in Autoniq the $100 tool I currently use. She told me you need genius sink haha I just want to laugh!!! Any thoughts on this?

Giuseppe (Joe) Cirillo

Hey Jamil, I hear this from a lot of clients.  It's tough when you think that you can do those simple task, you get the software they recommend and it still doesn't work.

Gabriel Villagomez

Hello Jamil, Have you looked at Dealer Socket's Inventory Plus? We have all the tools you need in one platform at half of the price. Call me for a demo and to discuss the different options.  Gabriel Villagomez  469 980 6331. 

Angela Mancuso

Check out DealerCue....Its an all inclusive deal....starting at $

Craig Ness

We looked at it too. We ended up at dealerslink. All the Cox reps keep telling me it's only $500...but to get their product to work the way they explain it you need all the modules and the $500 seems to turn into almost $3000. I always like it when people price part of their product and then the sales pitch includes several other items. 

Jamil "The Carman"

They are great at overselling :) so after I found my niche I really don't need any tool to tell me how to stock my inventory .It took a little while but after that you are set !

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