V-AUTO -vs- the competition

john mccarthy
Help!!! I currently use V-AUTO and find it very helpful. Now my GM and Dealer want us to look into less expensive products. What other products do you recommend? What works and what doesn't. I want to keep using V-AUTO but if there is a similar system cheaper I can't argue switching. HELP.......
Dan Smith
AXX is less robust, First Look is too much about your own historical trends. vAuto includes great support and is constantly adding features.
Shawn Morse
John V-Auto is a very good tool and I can see why you find it so helpful. There are several new options out there and some of them are every bit as good as V-Auto if not better. I am the South West Regional Sales Manager for VinSolutions and we offer a Market Pricing/Appraisal tool that I would stack up against any on the market. A few of the key advantages we have are full integration into the DMS and/or CRM and that allows you to see lifetime customer value, service history, and open RO's on potential trade (all very valuable). We can also do the things that the others do in terms of geographic market analysis, sales history, book integrations, and MMR views. I would be happy to setup an online overview for you so that you can see the details of our system. Give me a call and we will schedule it. Shawn Morse VinSolution (913)948-8966
Shawn Morse
John I forgot to mention our price is less than half of what most dealers are paying for V-Auto and often times less than that!
Brian Jacobs
John, Having worked with the aforementioned tools when I was working in dealerships, I can honestly say that v-Auto and VinSolutions are both quality tools. One of the primary reasons I work with eLEAD now is the constant push to provide a complete tool set in a consolidated package. Using the Lot Pulse module built into eLEAD CRM, you gain the appraisal and market analysis tools you need, integrated with your customer database and desking tools. It's essential to know what the car you are appraising is worth and all of the tools are going to be getting the same feeds from Black Book, NADA, KBB, Manheim, etc. Integrate that appraisal with the sales and service history for that vehicle/customer, and the sales opportunities you have that are already looking for that vehicle and you know which buyers are ready to help you turn that unit fast. Brian Jacobs eLEAD CRM (229)630-2630
Steve Gerhartz
John, You get what you pay for. You can find other systems for less but the one thing you cannot get which I find invaluable is your relationship with your Performance Manager.

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