V-AUTO -vs- the competition

john mccarthy
Help!!! I currently use V-AUTO and find it very helpful. Now my GM and Dealer want us to look into less expensive products. What other products do you recommend? What works and what doesn't. I want to keep using V-AUTO but if there is a similar system cheaper I can't argue switching. HELP.......
Sam Salem

Honestly by this point in the game you should have learned the trends to identify, and more specifically how that data vauto provides you with reflects onto the live marketplace.  Understanding when and how supply, MSRP, book value, and metrics like c2m/p2m come into play will make you a good *insert position here*   vauto is a great tool, but appraisals are at the most basic level of what that tool can truley do. Try to find the similarities that exist, and identify when to apply the data that you need. 

Morgan Hardy

We switched from homenet to v-auto and have had some minor issues but all in all seems pretty seamless. What options are you guys considering?

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