Vehicle Exchange Coordinator/Specialist Compensation Plan?

Leslie Peterson
We're creating a New Vehicle Exchange program at my dealership, and I've just been selected to head it up. I'm working the service department and utilizing various tools to convert customers nearing lease-end (or similar conditions) to a new vehicle lease or purchase. I'm also going to be (potentially) doing a few other things, such as New Owner clinics and perhaps product showcases (I do videos and social media stuff on my own as a salesperson, which is part of the reason I was selected for this role) I haven't been presented with a compensation plan yet, so I just want feedback on how those of you with a dedicated staffperson structure pay. Salary? Bonus? My dealer wants me to prospect, connect, convert and prime customers, then hand them off to a salesperson to finish the process. Should I be asking for splits on all the deals I convert from service? Is that fair? Percentage of sales? What about manufacturer sales incentives? I'll be missing out on those, but I'll be doing a lot of work to drive new vehicle sales. What do you guys do? What do you think sounds fair for a base rate/salary and bonus structure? Our goal is to sell 200 (total) cars/ mo. We're in a large metro area in the midwest (WI)
mark rask
Are you going to work the whole deal when you identify a customer?
Roger Conant
Candidly...I'm not a big fan of "any" kind of "handoffs". That goes again everything customers are telling us they want these days. are working with a brand that draws more women than me...and women are especially cognizant of a less than "caring" sales process. I don't mean to be discouraging, but I would get a feel from your zone rep for Kia how other Kia stores are doing this. Equity mining salespeople are selling this as a "natural" for converting service customers...but I don't believe it will be as easy as they say. People know what to expect in the service experience...but throwing in a sales process will be a challenge. And remember this...your GM comes from a "sales" background...not service.
Leslie Peterson
The plan right now is that I'll move the customer to sales after I've spoken with them and generated interest. So, I'll do prospecting, initial interview/consulting, trade appraisal, answer some product questions/go over options, and then hand them over to sales to test drive, close the deal, do the paperwork, and deliver the vehicle.
Chris K Leslie
So you do all the hard work of sales and they do all the easy work?
Heather Pridemore
I'd suggest an hourly or salary because conversion will be harder than someone who is a fully commission sales rep. I'd also suggest asking for a flat rate appt. fee and an additional bonus for every car sold based on your involvement. I think your store will also end up purchasing vehicles for their used inventory - you should get a finders fee. This structure will guarantee you some money since there is a variable in the hand off to someone else while still incentivizing you to set appts and help sell vehicles. I'd suggest however to Roger's point that you and the sales team work closely together so that it seems like a team effort and less like a complete hand off. If you are currently a sales person I'd figure out my annual and then I'd back into a program that would allow me to make at least the same amount. You shouldn't take a pay cut for spear heading a brand new position and process.

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