Vehicle Transport - is it really a big issue

Tina McCabe
I am trying to get a handle on what I can offer to Dealers or say to them to get the point that shipping your vehicles does NOT have to be a problem.
Lindsey Auguste
What are the problems you most often hear about with regard to vehicle shipping?
Tina McCabe
Most of the time I find my clients are frustrated that they can not get cars moved FAST enough and at fair prices. I hear about cars sitting for a week without being moved - no communication with the shipper ect... I work with dealers Nationwide arranging transport on their dealer trades and almost every one of them has horror stories about the way they used to ship their cars.
Lindsey Auguste
Wow. Sounds like shipping cars is a problem. If you already know the problems they are facing, then I would suggest tehmong them how you prevent those issues before they happen would be a good thing to tell them. Counteract the argument before it occurs. Of course, that assumes you have some viable solutions.
Tina McCabe
I definitely do try to be proactive to prevent the nightmare before it happens. We try to let our clients know the trending within the industry ie: where the best prices are to ship from, working with other dealerships nearby to get everyone volume pricing. Basically just offering the type of service I would expect to receive. It just should not be such a headache to get your vehicles moved - it does not have to be that way.

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