Vehicle videos (love 'em or hate 'em)

Shawn Vieira
I have several questions about Vehicle videos? How do you judge if vehicle videos are working for you? I currently use to provide the vehicle videos of my used car inventory on my websites and get pretty good analytics showing number of visitors / page views / video starts and % of the video watched. I had roughly 2500 visitors look at 16,800 pages (almost 7 pages each) and 150 videos views with 65% watching 75% or more of the video. With an avg time on site just less than 7 minutes and a submission rate of almost 9%. All these numbers sound good to me. But then I started think of the 2,500 visitors and the 16,800 page views why only 150 video starts? With Autotrader offering a service offering video that will also go towards google analytics and youtube etc... is it worth buying into that also?
Shawn Vieira
Since posting this, two more post have been made. "Why put video on your website" and "Another Vehicle Video option for dealers". Both good post. I guess my question for those that have video features on your sites is, 'How do you measure ROI or if it is worth it?'. Like I stated 2,500 visitors, 16,800 page views ONLY 150 Video starts? Is it worth it?
Paul Rushing
You need to look at ways to increase your website traffic. 2500 visitors is anemic if that is a monthly number. Based on that low volume of stats it is hard to give an answer.
Shawn Vieira
small town, small market, 2500 is pretty good imo. The two other dealerships I worked at before this one were luckey to get 1/2 that. All of our advertising TV, Radio, Print, Social, have our URL featured, everything we do is geared to driving customers to the store and/or the website. We get Nissan 3rd party leads and nissan direct traffic, along with Autotrader, Cars, and a few other 3rd party providers. SEO is done through and inhouse. And we are now looking at Google Adwords or Facebook adverts. Any ideas would be appreciated. If we added a zero to those numbers and made it 25,000 views 168,000 page views and 1,500 video opens what would you say?
Paul Rushing
Adding a zero to the end only provides a statistical anomaly. At 10x the visitors you would get completely different stats. IMO video needs to be used to support your site as well as an onsite engagement tool. That is a topic for another discussion. The metric you need to monitor is not the number of times a video has been started but what happens before and after. The metrics to measure would be: 1. Did the video bring a visitor to the website? 2. Based on a site visitor starting a video did they complete another action. (Click stream monitoring) Submit a lead, place a call or visit the store? Those are the stats you need to find out if video is worthwhile. If 25% of your video watchers completed any of the actions in number 2 above then you can break it down into a per lead basis.
Shawn Vieira
Click tracking on submitted leads is one of the reports I wish I had.

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