Vendor Overload !

Tim Elliott
How many Industry Reps do you see in a week/month ? How many "requests" to be seen do you get ? How do you decide who to see ?
Lauren Moses
Are including calls and emails? We don't get many reps in person but tons of calls and emails. And by we...I of course mean me for the most part.
Mark Miller
As a Fixed Ops manager I would get maybe 2 cold visits a week and 3 regular vendor visits a week from established suppliers. On top of that I would get 4-5 emails a day (cold solicitations) and maybe 5 cold calls a week. Of course fixed ops doesn't get the volume that sales and BDC get.
Ron Henson
While the volume of requests were certainly more than I had time to accommodate, I certainly didn't want to miss an opportunity to learn about a product that might be beneficial to my business. I would set aside 1 hour per week and schedule 6 vendors who could give me a 10 minute "Shark Tank" type pitch. That was plenty of time for me to decide if I wanted to hear more. The best part was that my assistant would schedule the appts, so if a vendor wanted to see me, they would be put into the schedule based on availability and they would also be informed about the format of the meeting.
Michael Bilson
Ron.. I like your approach. It allows you to keep up to date with changes or new tools and offerings without having it impact your daily routine.
Clint Jones
At least one per day in person. I don't screen them. If I am really busy, I will just walk out and tell them that I don't have time. Usually takes about 30 seconds. I just turn around and walk away. I don't set appointments, vendors just have to hope that I have time to see them when they show up. In addition, I get at least 3 phone calls per day. The thing that I am always the most surprised about is when I get a phone call from a vendor that is on this website and sees one of my posts......and somehow believes that my post is an invitation for them to call me. My favorite one was a phone call from a text/telephone compliance company that decided to call me out of the blue for no apparent reason, and proceeded to tell me how important compliance is with today's customer. Now wait a minute, you call me AND email me with unsolicited information......and you want me to buy your compliant program? I had to laugh when the pitch started. I have quickly figured out why customers do not want to fill out lead forms or share their contact information with us.

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