Video Resume: Wave of the future? Or Niche hiring tool?

Kheneil Black
Hi there folks. My first real project as a manager landed on my desk last week. I was tasked with hiring a new team member. Wanting to do something different I asked my applicants that I was most interested with to submit a video that will allow them to illustrate their attitudes, enthusiasm and willingness to do something new. What do you guys think? Could be a new trend in the hiring process or a method that can only be used for marketing? For more info check my Blog post: Hiring Experiment #1: Video Resumes
Grant Gooley
Kheneil, I totally think you are on to something. We have tried this before when looking for a role in which they needed comfortability in front of the camera. You will weed out a great amount of people that you wouldn't want to interview anyway. That being said, I think it should serve you a great purpose! Good on you! and... GOOD LUCK!
Shannon Hammons
Kheneil, I think Grant is right. Your are on to something here. Lets you see how they handle something different, and it allows them to show their personality.
mark rask
I definitely would encourage this
Scotty Lalonde
Yes Kheneil Black..100000000%...With everybody being so busy...anyone can access video at anytime..especially in downtown, at least that's what I do in my downtime is access GM walkaround video of the vehicles..and when the hiring mgr's or the dealer principal has to make a decision on a sales employee, accessing a video is much more handier than a resume I think because you can hear and see the person as to what they have to say as oppose to a piece of paper..Great idea!
Kheneil Black
So far i have received two videos and it is far better than just a piece of paper. I'm excited to see if this catches on.

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