Video- to spend or not to spend, how much is too much?

Jennifer Bourgeois
I am launching a pre-roll campaign among many other new digital and traditional ad campaigns. The dealer I work for hasn't really done much in the way of marketing in either area before I came along. (Besides local newspaper and some ppc spend) With all the new spending I am getting quite a bit of resistance to say the least.... Specifically on the budget for a commercial shot. In my previous experience these videos have cost anywhere between $8-10k. I recently came across a friend who owns a production company and does big wig commercials but gave me a deal on full production at $5,000 including drone shots and some pretty advanced graphics. My GM was shocked at the price and says he shot a commercial for Comcast spotlight for $1,200 in the past. It was poor quality and not something I would feel comfortable using. He has said he has heard from friends in the business that $5k is way too much. I would like to know from some other digital marketers what is the average you have spent to put together a quality commercial video?
mark rask
We use the video that we shoot at the studio for television.
Jason Stum
Hey Jennifer, below you'll find a link to our latest commercial. We're airing this on cable, broadcast and pre-roll. We do all of our production in-house, however I asked our Creative Director how much a spot like this would cost on the open market. He said anywhere between $3,000 - $5,000 depending on the creative, graphics, locations, etc. Hope that helps!
mark rask is one of them that we use
mark rask
Skutch Henks
I don't think you can put it in a box. The costs (like a lot of other things) of producing TV commercials and some Video spots for online distribution for automotive vary greatly. It really all depends on the quality of many areas, ad agency, on-location sets, equipment needed, casting and talent, post production, graphics, content, creative, so there's a lot to factor into the measurement. I can have TV quality commercials done for as little as $1,200 which utilizes voice over talent and B-roll, or as high as $50k per shoot using a top-shelf production agency and a local celebrity. You really get what you pay for, I'd suggest deciding on a total ad run budget then, segmenting out some production costs throughout the campaign for edits, or different offers if needed.

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