Virtual BDC

Brad Wise

Anyone using a virtual "off site" BDC to handle sales and or service leads? In particular eleads?



Sounds too good to be true

Without the cost of an outside training companies ( monthly ) , personnell , space , headaches -it does sound interesting

No vendor responses please


DJ Snyder

How can a 3rd party company share and believe in your mission statement.  How will they be able to offer your client the best possible service being off site?  

Brad Wise

Apparently they are out there and someone is using them . Good question .

Joe Tareen

Hi Brad. I have experience on boths sides of the isle so to speak. To me the when you look at the amount of calls we get on the service side, it becomes a no brainer to outsource that portion of your inbound call operations. However you want to keep a few things in mind. 1) Does the "Virtual BDC" vendor really have the capacity to scale up on demand? Remember you are not the only dealership they will be taking inbound calls for. The last thing you want is for those calls to be put on hold or routed back to your operator which sort of defeats the purpose. 2) Make sure the third party vendor is focused on Fixed Operations and have a consistent agent training process in place. There will be lot of teaching and training required to fully grasp your service operations.  The "Virtual BDC" agents should be able to answer your customer questions on the go. Also the most important factor to remember that ultimately the "Virtual BDC" is not just a service and must bring you back a certain ROI. One way to ensure that is to go with a vendor that offer an extra value such as up selling other menu items when customers are only calling in for an oil change etc. Lastly ask for detailed reporting on how long it takes them to pick up your calls, talk time with your customers, and up selling ROI reports.



DJ Snyder

The only way IMO you can have a successful 3rd party BDC is to have a company supply you with a dedicated team that "YOU" can train on your values and your dealerships desired goals and agenda.  In regards to Joe's comment.  "1) Does the "Virtual BDC" vendor really have the capacity to scale up on demand? Remember you are not the only dealership they will be taking inbound calls for." How is it possible that this trained virtual BDC rep will be able to know and treat your clients the way that you want them to be treated while they are taking inbound calls for several other dealerships and focusing on that dealerships mission and customer service goals.  What if Zappos outsourced their customer service?>?>?>?>

Joe Tareen

DJ you make great points, however I believe a 100 % dedicated agent is not possible because a thirdy party vendor employee cost is the same as a dealership unless that agent is offshore. Also if you only went with a dedicated agent, then you would right back where you started if that agent was on a call assisting other customers, which is the call would be routed back to your dealership forming a vicious circle. But I do agree with the spirit of your points that the third party vendors agents must be in sync with not just your dealership policies or procedures but also the culture and the soul!!



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