Walking Fine Lines or Just Shady?

Alexis Bassler
Have you ever hired someone who had a list of their own customers from previous dealers they worked with? Or known a contact that was willing to sell you lead information? I've seen or heard of this on multiple occasions in several dealers. What are the legal issues associated with it? Is it ok if the sales person is only calling the customers they sold to before? Is there a loophole or is this just a blatant red flag that should be avoided at all cost?
Lauren Moses
I think this depends on the dealership. With us, the customers are not "My" customers they are the "dealerships" customers. So when we leave, we must also leave our sales books. Now, with that being said, if you know your customers and have their contact information, I don't see why you couldn't call them and let them know that you moved dealerships. I don't know about the whole "buying" customers. I would tend to shy away from it just because how do you know that they aren't on a do not call list, aren't in the market, etc. Seems like a big waste of money.
Alexis Bassler
Good points, thank Lauren
Robert Karbaum
It's impossible to stop, but it is a major red flag. If a salesperson shows up with a pile of customers, you can expect they will do the same to your store if they ever leave.
Michael Crain
We had a sales person that was caught by one of the girls in the office. The Gm called him the office while the GSM cleaned out his desk and the girls deleted him out of the computer. .He was escorted to his car and told not to come back on the property.
mark rask
i agree with robert

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