Was Lauer's question to GM CEO Mary Barra inappropriate?

Ron Henson
Lauren Moses
Ok just watched the video and it kinda ticks me off. As a working mom with two small children, why should that stop me from not only being a good worker but also being a good mom? Yes, I sacrifice my time with my children to come to work, and trust me everyday I go home and have to sit with my 3 year old daughter for about 30 minutes before I can get her to detach long enough to cook, clean, and do what ever else it takes to keep the house in running order, but that doesn't mean that I'm not a good mom. I'm providing everything that they need (and some things they want) and am still there for them when they need me. Would they ask a man how is he going to be a good dad and work at the same time?
Ron Henson
Well said Lauren. I agree with you on every point and I think it was a terribly inappropriate interview question.
Lauren Moses
I completely understand that he is a reporter and that in this day and age with so many not just in the working world but corporate world and high up, it can be a source for a good story. But make that story an empowering one for women who are new to the corporate world, not make us out to be evil monsters because we can't stay at home with children who a man helped create.
Russ Chandler
I understand the question around whether it was GM's strategy to put a soft face on the company. The mom question on the other hand just seemed like a cheap shot question to try and get a rise out of her.
Lauren Moses
Well it definitely got this Southern Gal riled up. Let him bring his happy butt down here and ask that mess around here!

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