We Are All Busy

Dax Robinson

I still remember the first time I was asked, “I know you are busy, but are you busy working on the right stuff?”

This is a good question we can all ask ourselves this right now, and I am sure many of you already have.

Recently I asked my support team what are some things they are hearing from dealers as they reach out right now, the most common response was that dealers are looking for a way to simplify their processes and the information they are looking at. They want to look at actionable items that they can change right now.

For example, they want to know: Who has reached out to my store and has not received a response? Who have I shown numbers to this month that didn’t buy? Who has been marked lost in my store and why?

Many dealers want to look at actionable items that are happening in their store--and they want to see and review them right now. What are some things you are looking at right now? What do you wish you could look at?

Bart Wilson

@Dax, I agree. completely.  There is always something to do, but are you spending your time on the right activities that will help you reach your goals?

Morgan Hardy

It is important for dealer reporting that the correct action was taken on a lead. It gets hard to track when you have so many people in the dealership marking things as inactive, or not in the market when in reality they bought elsewhere. Subcategories are helpful for better reporting as well!

Derrick Woolfson

The data input is only as good as the person who entered it. Dealers need to stop focusing on just the reports, and to your point, work on items in real-time. Part of being able to do that, however, is having solid processes that are consistent. Too often, dealers have terribly inconsistent processes and thus their reporting and CRMs are chaotic, not providing the right information. We use CRMSuite, and I can tell you, it most *certainly* makes everything easier! Everything from being able to create relevant processes, real-time reporting (that is meaningful), and all of the many items/services that are integrated. Making a very easy to use CRM. A solid CRM is everything when it comes to managing your results.

Chris K Leslie

you are spot on Dax. 

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